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A Proven Conservative Leader Delivering Results for Grand Island
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As a third generation Nebraskan, my roots run deep in Grand Island. It’s where I learned the value of hard work and strong family relationships. As a small businessman, I learned to control expenses during challenging times.


As Grand Island’s State Senator for 10 years, I worked hard to create jobs and make government more responsive to the needs of taxpayers, seniors and those that create jobs. I am most proud of my efforts in the Nebraska Legislature to bring the Nebraska State Fair to Grand Island.


I’m proud to live in a place where we know our neighbors, support our schools, worship in our churches, work together to make Grand Island better and want to make sure the next generation have those same opportunities.


As your State Senator, I have a record of service of making life better for Grand Island and our state. I voted to lower taxes, cut state spending, strengthened our schools and created jobs to grow Grand Island. I believe in smaller government, controlling taxes and more value for each tax dollar spent.


As your next State Senator, I will protect taxpayers from high taxes, runaway spending, and will be part of the solution to fix our broken property tax system and deliver meaningful property tax relief.


I would appreciate your vote.

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As a father and grandfather Ray knows that a quality education is vital for our kids to succeed in today’s global world.


Serving in the Nebraska Legislature, Ray always represented the best interests of Grand Island’s families and our schools.


Ray fought for Grand Island’s fair share of state aid to keep our schools strong and to help hard working families, small businesses and seniors reduce local property taxes.


Ray will always advocate to improve the quality of education for our children, parents, and the taxpayers who pay for it because he is one of us. Fighting or all of us!

Jobs & Economy & Taxes

Ray knows how important a strong economy and good paying jobs for Grand Island’s hard-working families. That’s why he voted for the largest tax relief plan in Nebraska’s history.


As a former small business owner, Ray built his own business from the ground up and understands the critical role small businesses play in our economy.


He’s voted to cut taxes, red tape, and burdensome regulations to grow Nebraska.  


Ray understands that property taxes are too high. That’s why he voted for the creation of the Property Tax Relief Fund to help lower the property tax burden on seniors, small businesses and working families.


Ray will be part of the solution to find real meaningful property tax relief because he is one of us. Fighting for All of us!

Defender of our Second Amendment Rights

Ray is a strong defender and supporter of the God given Right to Bear Arms. That why he co-sponsored and led the fight to pass Legislative Bill 454, Nebraska’s Concealed Carry Bill. Ray will protect our quality of life by decreasing the role of government in our lives.

As a Nebraska Concealed Carry Permit holder and NRA member, Ray will always defend our 2nd Amendment Rights because he is one of us. Fighting for All of us!

Ray protected Grand Island jobs and our Second Amendment Rights by introducing and passing LB 1186 that legalizes the use of small caliber rim-fire cartridges that are manufactured by Hornady Manufacturing.



Tough on Drugs and Crime

Ray has a proven record of making Grand Island and Nebraska safer. His Legislative Bill 1115 created the Central Nebraska Drug Court.


The Central Nebraska Drug Court  like other Nebraska’s Drug and Problem-Solving Courts utilize evidence-based practices to improve community safety, increase successful outcomes, and reduce recidivism that have saved taxpayers millions of tax dollars because it requires offenders to be accountable for their actions.  

Compliance with treatment and court orders is verified by frequent alcohol and drug testing, close community supervision, and interaction with a judge during court review hearings.  These offenders are closely monitored using home and field visits.

Ray is proud that the Central Nebraska Drug Court has changed the lives of these offenders and the lives of their loved ones for the better.

LB 1258 introduced by Ray, organized the Nebraska State Patrol and local law enforcement to develop a Meth Hotline and found funding for it. His leadership to pass LB 1102 made the possession of certain drug paraphernalia illegal in the State of Nebraska.


Ray will always honor and support the men and women in law enforcement because he is one of us. Fighting for All of us!


Ray is dedicated to protecting a culture of life from conception to natural death and oppose taxpayer funding for abortion and abortion providers.

Ray is the only candidate running for Legislature in District 35 to receive the sole endorsement of Nebraska Right to Life because he was a consistent defender of life issues for over a decade in the Nebraska Legislature. Ray Agular will always protect the unborn because he is one of us. Fighting for All of us!

Tax plan

Ray's Conservative   Track Record



 As our State Senator Ray Aguilar's priorities will include: 

• Growing Grand Island’s economy and creating good paying jobs


• Providing real-meaningful property tax relief


• Protecting taxpayer interests by controlling state spending and lowering taxes


• Promoting and protecting educational opportunities for our children and keeping Grand Island's schools strong 



Board Member – Third City Community Clinic


Board Chair – Grand Island Clean Community

Board Chair – Kuester Lake H. O. A. 

Former Board Member – Hall County Regional Planning Commission 

Former Member – Grand Island City Council

Former State Senator – Nebraska Legislature, Chair, Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. Transportation and Telecommunications; Committee on Committees; Intergovernmental Cooperation


Governor Pete Ricketts
United States Senator Deb Fischer
United States Congressman Adrian Smith
United States Congressman Jeff Fortenberry
United States Congressman Don Bacon
State Treasurer John Murante

Hall County Commissioner Pam Lancaster

Hall County Commissioner Gary Quandt

City Councilman Mark Stelk

University Regent Jim Pillen

University Regent Hal Daub

Mayor Jay Vavicek

State Senator Mike Gloor
State Senator John Lowe
State Senator Ben Hansen
State Senator Merv Riepe
Speaker Mike Flood
State Senator Mike Moser
Mayor Corey Stutte - Hastings

University Regent Rob Schafer

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